Single Packages

Waves of Relaxation

Join us for a full day of relaxation. This package offers an exfoliating papaya pineapple body scrub, a volcanic clay body wrap, a relaxing kukui coconut milk massage, a classic deluxe Epicuren® facial, ending with an ali’i pedicure. Lunch from Oasis Resturant is included and served between treatments.

4 Hours | $525

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Island Cast Away

Tension is massaged out of the body with a warm kukui coconut milk massage, then the fruits of Kauai are used in a Hawaiian Hydration Facial. Finished with a full luxury Ali’i pedicure.

3 Hours | $395

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Mermaid’s Delight

We exfoliate your skin with our papaya pineapple body scrub. Then pull the toxins from your body with a volcanic clay body wrap. Followed with a kukui coconut lotion massage. We continue your spa experience with a deluxe customized facial.

2.5 Hours | $380

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Tropical Rejuvenation

Let our therapists and aesthetician customize a two-hour retreat. Receive a full-body coconut milk massage tailored to your needs and receive a comprehensive, customized facial.

2 Hours | $300

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Menehune Meditation

Menehunes are thought to be the first inhabitants of Kauai. There is little evidence, but traditional folklore says these small, mythical people still exist, and it’s fitting, because this is the shortest of our spa packages. Receive a 30 minutes massage and a 30 minute facial.

1 Hour | $160

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